Selenisation furnace for an optimized CIGS absorber formation

The CISARIS selenisation furnace is an inline rapid thermal processing equipment, designed for the CIGS absorber formation on large area glass substrates. CISARIS consists of a handling station, a vacuum tight process section, and a return conveyor and is optimized for the mass production of CIS solar modules. The main features of the CISARIS include a high uptime and mechanical yield as well as a fast cycle time which, in combination with the robust selenisation process, lead to a production capacity of over 25 MWp per year. CISARIS is a proven innovative and reliable equipment, which has been newly developed at SINGULUS based on the previous generation selenisation ovens. CISARIS can safely handle the thermal processing of large glass substrates of over 1 sqm at temperatures up to 550 °C and beyond under a toxic and corrosive gas atmosphere. High heating and cooling rates combined with an excellent temperature homogeneity during all process stages are the key factors, which allow the formation of an optimal CIGSSe absorber, required for the production of high efficiency solar modules.




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