Inline Sputter System for ITO and Ag Deposition of Heterojunction Cell Technology

The HISTARIS is a horizontal inline sputter-coating tool designed for special needs. The system can be configured for various substrate sizes and is ideally suited for challenging layer stacks and flexible product mixes. Typical applications include e.g. solar control, anti-reflection, barrier, buffer and precursor layers such as copper-gallium, indium, and i-ZnO, but also different metallic layers like Mo, Al, Cu, Ag, and NiV etc. as well as transparent conductive oxide layers like ITO, AZO which are necessary for new heterojunction cell technology. The systems use an inline process in which the substrates are transported on a special designed conveyor system on flat carriers through the system. The carriers can be configured flexibly for different substrate formats and materials e.g. solar wafers. Different automation options for loading and unloading are available.

HISTARIS Inline Sputter System for ITO and Ag Deposition of Heterojunction Cell Technology

The focus during cell production is entirely on efficiency. The new heterojunction cell technology (HJT) achieves cell efficiencies of 22 % and more as well as reduced manufacturing costs.

Heterojunction cells are bonded on both sides by means of transparent, conductive oxide (TCO) layers deposited using the PVD (physical vapor deposition) process.

With the HISTARIS sputtering system contact layers can be deposited on the front and rear of the wafers without the need to turn the wafers between coating processes. By using cylindrical sputtering magnetrons, a high target exploitation rate is achieved.


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