New Inline Wet Process Equipment for Cleaning, Texturing and PSG Removal

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides complete automated dry-in/dry-out solutions for wet treatment of Si-wafers in standard and high-efficiency cell lines and ultra-thin glass foils for sophisticated glass applications.

The ongoing evolution of proven concepts in process management and the integration of innovative approaches are the basis for the development of a new generation of horizontal wet processing systems.

LINEX is an inline wet process platform with horizontal substrate transport for cleaning and etching of crystalline solar wafers. The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES LINEX system combines an advanced transportation system, sustainable and innovative processing modules with proven and efficient chemical etching and cleaning processes.

In addition to proven processes like texture etching, PSG etching or cleaning, the focus is on newer applications with one or two side processes, such as polish etching, emitter etching, and ozone-based or ultra-, mega sonic cleaning respectively. The highly integrated design, high throughput, high availability, and low breakage rate make LINEX attractive for solar cell manufacturers worldwide.


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