Modular Batch System for Wet-chemical Treatment of Standard and High-efficiency Solar Cells

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides complete automated dry-in/dry-out solutions for wet-chemical treatment of Si-wafers in standard and high-efficiency cell lines.

The modular SILEX II batch system offers a wide range of process options. With respect to highest flexibility in configuration, the new generation of the SILEX II machines is characterized by a clear modular design and compact footprint. The SILEX II machine concept fulfills current and future requirements of capacity, flexibility, and stability for mass production.

The basic SILEX II system achieves an output of up to 3,000 wph, upscaling of batch size will cover tool capacity up to 6,000 wph, running with very low scrap rates down to 0.01 % and high process yield. Processing wafers with thickness down to 120 μm, the system follows the newest SEMI roadmap guidelines. The core of the current and future batch process applications is the alkaline texturing process of mono-crystalline silicon, generating pyramidal-etched surfaces with optimal light trapping, passivation and contacting properties.

SILEX II ALTEX machine is designed to apply IPA-free texturing processes, offering substantial cost advantages compared to traditional etching systems. This texturing process completely refrains from using flammable, volatile solvents such as Isopropanol (IPA) and enables a stable, wet-chemical texturing process for silicon wafers. Based on commercially available chemicals the process is adjustable to the individual requirements of standard and advanced cell technology.

SILEX II CLEANTEX combines common texturing and cleaning steps with advanced cleaning and conditioning processes. Advanced cleaning steps are going to become an indispensable part of existing present and future cell lines as a key for further improvement of cell performance and cost reduction. Ozone-based cleaning operations, applied on SILEX II wet bench, combine efficient organic and metal removal with appropriate surface conditioning. Due to low chemical cost and consumption, simple process control, and high metal removal efficiency, ozonized acidic cleaning baths are the perfect substitute for traditional, expensive multi-step RCA cleanings, known from semiconductor industry.

The Perfekt Combination of Oxidation, Metal Clean and Surface Termination

  • Cost saving effect vs. RCA cleaning (high chemical cost) = lowering CoO
  • Ambient process
  • Simple and stable process control

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