New Generation of Wet Process Equipment for Economic Processing of CdS/Alternative Buffer Layer for CIS/CIGS/CIGSSe Solar Cells

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES presents a promising new development on the way to the efficient wet-chemical coating of thin film solar modules made of copper-indium-gallium- diselenide (CIGS) on glass: the second generation of the TENUIS production line has a modular cluster build basis and enables both significant savings in terms of required floor space and the simultaneous one-side coating of two substrates.

SINGULUS offers wet processing systems from R & D over pilot use to full production range 60, 120, 180 and more MW.

Due to new and unique concepts in terms of dosing and temperature control, the developers at the subsidiary SINGULUS STANGL SOLAR were successful in reducing the process time by up to 20 %, which has a positive effect and a considerably higher output in production. The new TENUIS generation offers substantial cost advantages in the production of high performance CIS/CIGS thin film solar cells.

Compared with its predecessor the TENUIS GEN 2 version not only reduces the production time but also the required floor space by 30 % and saves footprint and maintenance costs accordingly.


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