SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – Developer, Enabler and Supplier for Thin Film Solar

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a supplier of manufacturing solutions and production equipment for the Markets Optical Disc, Semiconductor and Solar. With new machine concepts and manufacturing processes in the crystalline and thin-film solar technology SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES establishes itself as development partner and equipment supplier for investments in new high-performance thin-film solar cell concepts. As market leader for Optical Disc production systems we have gained extensive know-how in vacuum coating, automation and process integration.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops processes, which improve the efficiency of thin-film solar solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs.

SINGULUS is the market leader for the wet-chemical cleaning applying CIS and CdTe processes. New plant concepts expand the value-added chain of the company in the area of thin-film solar technology.

SINGULUS offers modern production systems for CIS/CIGS & CdTe thin film solar panels made of glass and flexible substrates:

  • R & D tools for CIGS development
  • Selenisation furnace for an optimized CIGS absorber formation
  • Sputtering & Evaporation machines
  • Wet-chemical systems
  • Systems for the manufacturing of cadmium-free buffer layers
  • Equipment employing spray ion layer gas reaction processes
  • Metal free glass washing machines
  • Cleaning- and etching machines

Thin-Film Solar
Production Equipment for Photovoltaics