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Market Information Optical Disc - Blu-ray Disc Association Predicts Record Breaking Q4 Sales
07. ottobre 2008

07 October 2008, Fall has arrived and as the leaves turn golden so do prospects for Blu-ray Disc in the important pre-Christmas sales period. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) reports that sell-in indicators for Blu-ray products are proving more positive than even the most optimistic sales forecasts and market analyst reports.

"We have good reason to predict that this Q4 sales period will see the Blu-ray Disc revolution take hold in U.S. mainstream markets and we will witness strong sales performance in every other geographical region," commented Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the BDA Global Promotions Committee. "It's all about consumer awareness - the abundance of choice in players and the awesome line-up of movie titles that Blu-ray offers mainstream home entertainment fans.

"Take Transformers as one example," continued Matsuda. "It was released on DVD and HD DVD over 12 months ago, but as soon as it was released on Blu-ray Disc it shot back up to the #1 position. Blu-ray adds value to the consumer experience - it offers six times the image resolution of DVD as well as uniquely high resolution multi-channel surround sound. It creates such a 'WOW' factor that consumers only need to experience it once and they're hooked.

"Transformers' director, Michael Bay, has always been a huge fan of Blu-ray Disc. He got it, and now more and more Main Street consumers are getting it too. Blu-ray is just what your HDTV needs - for relatively small additional cost, you can exploit the full 1080p potential of your new HDTV in ways that are impossible with today's HD broadcasts," commented Victor Matsuda.

The 30 September release of Iron Man is another good example of Blu-ray's positive and rapidly growing impact on movie releases. In the U.S., for the week commencing 29 September, the BD release of Iron Man is the best-selling movie of all packaged media (including DVD) on

Matsuda reports that in North America Blu-ray Disc movie sales are running around four times higher than at the same time last year. On the basis of this, and the sure knowledge of a strong slate of new movie releases from the Hollywood majors this fall, Victor Matsuda believes that Blu-ray Disc is set to re-write the record books in terms of new format introductions.

"At the IFA exhibition in Berlin last month, renowned media industry analyst Jim Bottoms (from Futuresource Consulting) predicted that in the U.S., Blu-ray Disc would end 2008 in an unassailable position as the next gen home entertainment packaged media format. Without wishing to appear arrogant, this is the message we need to communicate to consumers worldwide. The future is clear. The future is Blu-ray Disc. And now is the time to buy into the format with its wealth of content, and hardware devices available at a wide range of different price points in order to cater for different budgets."

"The availability of affordable players is an important factor and key Blu-ray hardware manufacturers have now aggressively priced entry-level products at strategic price points (<$299) in the U.S. for example, as the format quickly expands to the 'early mass' segment of the consumer market," concluded Matsuda. "I predict an exceptionally busy period for the format thanks to a combination of these price developments in the hardware sector combined with the launch of some very big movie titles."

Source: Blu-ray Disc Association Newsletter, 7.10.2008