Inline Coating of 3-Dimensional Parts for both Decorative and Functional Applications

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DECOLINE II – Enhanced Metallic Layers on 3-Dimensional Parts

Whether in the cosmetics sector or the automotive sector – metallic quality surfaces are needed more than ever in the decorative sector. A new, fully automated inline PVD coating system (PVD Sputtering) is able to operate directly from the big pack to the finished product, saving time-consuming manual work. This is especially true for high-end cosmetic products as processes in bulk are not always possible, nor desirable from a surface protection standpoint.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the second generation of inline coating (Coating = Metalizing= PVD Sputtering) solutions for fully automated handling and coating of 3-dimensional parts. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component. This manufacturing solution is interesting for automotive, consumer goods, sanitary, mobile phones and packaging used in the cosmetics or beverage industry.

The DECOLINE II distinguishes itself with versatile options in realizing different layer configurations. Not only decorative, but also functional layers could be applied. Thinkable approaches are antibacterial coatings, EMV-shielding, electrically conductive layer (e.g., on electroplating components before the actual electroplating) or antennas. Each electrically conductive and non-magnetic metal and its alloys can be used as a metallic layer. This is a clear unique selling point, compared to batch processes, in which the selection of possible coating materials is much more limited.

The new DECOLINE II inline coating system is the next developmental level in vacuum coating and product handling:

  • Brilliant layers on 3-dimensional parts
  • Individual design variety
  • Elimination of batch processes
  • UV-curing for protection lacquer
  • Inline spray coating & metallization
  • Fully automated processing
  • High productivity and flexibility
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Environment-friendly

Basic Concept of DECOLINE II

The different spray coating modules and the vacuum sputtering module of the DECOLINE II are interlinked by an innovative flexible inline concept. The DECOLINE II distinguishes itself from the traditional batch processes and satisfies with its inline concept all the prerequisites to revolutionize the existing production of 3-dimensional parts. By using high-quality coatings the decorative and functional properties of the coatings are significantly improved.

Base Coat Lacquering System

  • UV-base lacquering system
  • Solvent allowance up to 50 %
  • 6-axis painting robots, up to two 6-axis painting robots per painting booth possible
  • Fast production change
  • Flexible IR and UV configuration
  • Primer coat extension possible
  • Recycling of lacquering material possible
  • Significant cost reduction by most efficient material consumption

3-Dimensional Sputtering

  • Cycle time per carrier: down to 6 seconds
  • Up to 18 parts on one carrier
  • Part rotation during sputtering process
  • Bottom edge metallization
  • Equipped with two cathodes in L-shape
  • Target materials e.g.: Al, Cu, Cr, Zr, CuAl, Ag, Au, Stainless Steel
  • Different gold color targets available
  • Perfect layer uniformity and high deposition rates, even on complex 3-dimensional substrate shapes
  • Reliable and clean sputtering process
  • Highest coating quality, high uptime and no environmental impact
  • Chromium VI-free applications

Top Coat Lacquering System

  • UV-base lacquering system
  • Clear lacquer application
  • Colored lacquer application
  • Solvent allowance up to 50 %
  • 6-axis painting robot
  • Fast production change
  • Flexible IR and UV configuration
  • Recycling of lacquering material possible
  • Significant cost reduction by most efficient material consumption

DECOLINE II automates the production process while considerably reducing costs, logistical efforts as well as the personnel intensity and therefore yields a return on investment in a very short period of time.

Great Individual Design Variety

  • Wide range of different target materials e.g. Al, CuAl, Cr, Ag, Au, and stainless steel
  • Different gold color targets available
  • UV-curable monocure top coat lacquers from high glossy and matt finish surfaces
  • UV-curable monocure lacquers compatible with pigments or dyes for colored base and top coat finishing
  • UV-curable monocures from different lacquer suppliers qualified
  • Wide process window for different substrate shapes and layer thicknesses
  • All UV-curable monocure lacquers are printable with pad printing (tampon printing) or hot stamping foil
  • Gradient lacquering with second 6-axis painting robot possible

Effective, Economical, Flexible

  • Inline metallization and spraying technology
  • Flexibility of design and appearance of finished products
  • Different materials can be metallized and lacquered, e.g. plastics, glass, metal or ceramics
  • Production tool with modular configuration

Human Responsibility

  • Separation of laquering, metallization and transportation area
  • Easy human operation interface
  • Remote service tool

Controlled, Precise, Intelligent

  • Fully automated production tool with integrated process control
  • Compact process modules with innovative media and process management
  • Flexible and robust substrate transport system
  • Consistent flow conditions from process step to process step
  • Easy change of sputter layer thicknesses
  • Universal handling and clip system, flexible and fast change of production

Clean, Safe, User-friendly

  • Safe for operators, environmental and reliable process
  • Fully integrated loading/unloading for all process modules
  • Reliabale and clean sputtering process, highest coating quality, high uptime and no environmental impact
  • Compact spray coating module, capable for primer/base coat, colored and/or scratch resistant/top coat lacquer
  • Integrated SINGULUS developed UV-lamps
  • Collection and direct recycling of over spray possible
  • Quick-change lacquer supply tank for lacquer color changes: Highest uptime and productivity by offline cleaning of lacquer supply tank
  • Excellent accessibility of the process chamber modules and chambers from all sides through the separation of process and installation modules
  • Optional painting robots for plug and play production

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