SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides technology solutions for both crystalline and thin-film high performance solar cell platforms. Our production equipment improves efficiencies and reduces manufacturing costs. With our production equipment we improve cell efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. Take a closer look at these production machines for thin-film solar cells (CIGS, CdTe, Perovskite) and high-performance crystalline solar cells (PERC, HJT, IBC, HBC, TOPCon).
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES’ expertise includes vacuum thin-film coating (PECVD, sputtering, evaporation), surface engineering, wet-chemical processes and thermal processing. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops processes, which improve the efficiency of solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs. Evolutionary improvement in cell concepts like PERC (PERL/PERT), bifacial PV systems as well as transitions towards n-type material, heterojunction cells or IBC cells will drive the future of crystalline solar cells.

For silicon solar cells SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers production systems:

  • Inline sputtering systems
  • PECVD coating equipment
  • IPA-free wet process equipment – batch & inline
  • Wet process equipment for poly silicon chunk etching, cleaning & drying
  • Single side polish etch & rear side passivation systems for PERC cells
  • Turn-key production lines for all cell types
  • Ingot, wafer & module production
  • Utilities for all cell concepts and production steps







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