Ready for Triple Layer Blu-ray Discs

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES developed a new replication line under the product name BLULINE III for the manufacturing of triple layer Blu-ray Discs with a storage capacity of 100 Gigabyte. The new production equipment by SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES enables the production of next generation optical discs on the basis of the current BLULINE II machines for dual layer Blu-ray Discs. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has already a large number of production lines at over 30 replicators around the globe and experience in the field of Blu-ray production. This goes back to its early,exclusive partnership with the format developer Sony in 2005.

Just in time for the market introduction of thenew ultra high definition television technology(UHD), SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES completed thedevelopment of the production technology for the new triple layer Blu-ray Discs. The new generation of high definition television provides four times the resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) of HDTV. The further advancement of today’s Blu-ray Discs, the triple layer Blu-ray Discs with 100 Gigabyte storage capacity, is the preferred playback medium for the new UHDtechnology. With the realization of a new and specifically designed data compression method for the ultra high definition technology, the storage volume per information layer can be increased from 25 GB to 33 GB. The Blu-ray Disc Association decided in May 2015 for a new, global standard.


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