Sputter Station for Layer 0 and Layer 1 Metallization
For metallization of the molded Blu-ray Discs substrates with Layer 0 full-reflective material, one high sputter rate SINGULUS V module with the patented SMART Cathode®is used. Silver Alloy is sputtered with a layer thickness of approx. 35 nm. For the second metallization of the wet-embossed disc with Layer 1 semi-reflective material, the same sputter station is used. A second sputter module is used for sputtering the label side of the disc with a moisture barrier.

Dual Layer Cover-Layer Unit 
Lacquering for the cover layer takes place on a double track module for high throughput. Each track consists of one lacquer dispense system, two spin bowls and one IR lamp. One pulsed UV lamp is alternating used for both tracks. By using the second spin bowl, a mask and the influence of heat from the IR lamp, a homogeneous thickness of cover layer is achieved. The combination of the UV station and an additional spin bowl creates a uniform shape and outer edge on the disc. 

Wet-Embossing Station
The Layer 1 wet-embossing station is the key unit of the dual-layer application. This unit is built with a 4-position turntable and one embossing head. The embossing head is designed for the Layer 1 wet-embossing process with a Nickel stamper in the uncured pit-transfer resin. The Layer 0 disc is loaded onto a quartz glass for embossing and is centered with a center pin. The Layer 1 stamper is mounted onto to the top side of the embossing head and is supported by vacuum and a mechanical stamper holder.

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