1 Injection Molding
SINGULUS has qualified the MoldPro All-Electric molding machine for Blu-ray Disc production. Other qualified molding machines can be integrated on request.
7 Wet-Embossing Station
The Layer 1 wet-embossing station is the key unit of the dual-layer application. This unit is built with a 4-position turntable and one embossing head. The embossing head is designed for the Layer 1 wet-embossing process with a Nickel stamper in the uncured pit-transfer resin. The Layer 0 disc is loaded onto a quartz glass for embossing and is centered with a center pin. The Layer 1 stamper is mounted onto to the top side of the embossing head and is supported by vacuum and a mechanical stamper holder.

2 Cooling Conveyor
A linear cooling conveyor transports the discs in a horizontal position through a separate conveyor belt to the downstream. This additional cooling of the substrates during transportation provides a uniform temperature distribution over the disc surface.
8 Layer 1 Metallization
For the second metallization of the wet-embossed disc with Layer 1 semi-reflective material, the same sputter station is used as for Layer 0. Silver Alloy is sputtered with a thickness of approx. 30 nm.

3 Layer 0 Metallization
A high-rate SINGULUS V sputter module with the patented SMART Cathode® is used for the metallization of the molded Blu ray Disc substrates with Layer 0 full-reflective material. Silver Alloy is sputtered with a layer thickness of approx. 35 nm.  
9 Cover Layer
Lacquering for the cover layer takes place on a double track module for high throughput. After UV curing, the disc is positioned directly under a spectrometer to measure the cover layer thickness and uniformity. With these results, a closed loop cover layer control is generated to ensure constant thickness and uniformity.

4 Base Resin
Lacquering takes place on a double track module for high throughput. Both tracks are connected to one lacquer dispense system, two spin bowls and one IR lamp. One Xenon pulsed UV lamp is used for each track. The combination of a spin bowl and the UV station creates a uniform shape and outer edge on the disc. 
10 Hard Coating
The hard coat is performed with a spin process, ensuring a very thin and uniform distribution of the hard coat material. Afterwards, the disc will be UV-cured and positioned on the conveyor. A flip-over handling arm brings the print side of the disc facing up.

5 Pit-Transfer-Resin
This unit consists of one lacquer dispense systems and two spin bowls. The discs are transported by one handling system. Once the metallized and resign-coated disc reaches the first position, a highly accurate circular ring of lacquering agent is applied onto the disc with 2 μm pit-transfer-resin. 
11 Barrier Layer
A SINGULUS V module is used for sputtering the label side of the disc with a moisture barrier. SiN is sputtered with a layer thickness of approx. 10 nm.
6 Pre Curing
A one-position turntable to pre-cure the center of the lacquered Blu-ray Discs is positioned just prior the wet-embossing station. 
12 Final Inspection
The unique layer thickness measuring system controls the layer thickness and layer uniformity of each metallized substrate automatically.


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