Main Characteristics:

  • Third generation inline selenisation furnace with optimized cycle time
  • Rapid heating (up to ~ 4 °C/s) of large glass substrates with metal precursor coating (CIGSe)
  • Homogeneous gas distribution and low gas consumption through optimized inlet system
  • Introduction of H2S and H2Se gas at various stages of the process possible
  • Uniform heating of large substrates up to 600 °C and beyond by using optimized IR radiators for achieving the required crystal structure
  • Uniform cooling of substrates to avoid glass warpage
  • Excellent temperature control (mean variation < 5 °C) at all process stages
  • Process under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure possible
  • Oxygen and water vapor free process atmosphere guaranteed through pump/purge cycles
  • Excellent maintenance concept with maximum accessibility of all machine components
  • Proven safety system based on a solid risk management and safety engineering

Key Components:

  • The CISARIS machine consists of the following key components (example):
  • Handling section: Transport of the substrates between the FAB automation and the CISARIS
  • Process section:
    • Load chamber #1 (LC1): Pump- and purge cycles to remove atmospheric residuals
    • Load chamber #2 (LC2): Process gas inlet Pump- and purge cycles to remove toxic gases from the process chamber
    • Heating section: (HC1/HC2/HC3/HC4/HC5) Five successive heating chambers for the formation of the CIGSSe absorber material
    • Cooling section: CC1/CC2 Two successive cooling chambers for the cooling of the substrate down to the specified temperature
    • Exit chamber (EC): Pump and purge cycles to remove toxic gases from the process chamber
  • Return conveyor section: Returning the substrate to the handling system and additional cooling process in a N2 atmosphere via forced N2 cooling stations
  • Periphery:
    • Housing
    • Cold traps (selenium absorber)
    • Oil heating system
    • Pumping system
    • Gas detection system
    • Metrology

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