TIMARIS Applications

All TIMARIS applications require the deposition of ultra-thin metallic and insulating films and film stacks down to a thickness of one nanometer and below with very precise material thickness and high uniformity specifications.

The MTM and the FTM are the key components of the TIMARIS platform; the MTM incorporates the Linear Dynamic Deposition (LDD, US patent US 7,799,179 B2) technology in combination with ten sputter targets in one vacuum chamber.

The FTM module uses Linear Dynamic Deposition in combination with up to four cathodes. The LDD technology is especially designed for deposition of ultra-thin films, magnetic films, high-quality metallic, conductive and insulating films and is the key to deliver world class material uniformity across large wafer sizes, combined with an exceptional precise control of ultra-thin layer thickness down to 1 % of a nanometer.



  • MRAM
  • Sensors (GMR, TMR, other)
  • Ferro magnetics
  • In-circuit Inductors
  • Ultra thin-film deposition

Thin-Film Heads (TFH)

  • Magnetic high moment films
    (writer material)
  • TMR (reader material)
  • GMR (reader material)
  • Deposition of seed and gap layers

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