In-line Mastering for Blu-ray Disc.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES, the global market leader in production equipment for optical discs, presents the CRYSTALLINE: The in-line solution for mastering of pre-recorded Blu-ray Disc (BD25, BD50, 3D BD).

Based on the “Glass substrates in – Finished Masters out” principle, the system incorporates the SINGULUS’ proprietary PTM process and custom-designed Laser Beam Recorder. The CRYSTALLINE is designed for maximum unattended operation, and offers the lowest Cost of Ownership, ensuring maximum return on investment. By offering all specific technologies, from BD mastering to BD replication, SINGULUS is in the unique position to deliver complete and fully optimized solutions for BD manufacturing.

The CRYSTALLINE system incorporates a wet station for cleaning, developing and DOM measurements, a “single chamber – three target” sputtering unit for application of the PTM recording and nickel layers and an innovative Laser Beam Recorder performing the recording process. The use of the Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) process, combined with advanced waveshaping technologies enables the use of the proven 405 nm Solid State Laser on the new LBR. The signal encoder incorporates advanced waveshaping technology feeding the laser. The central substrate “warehouse”, combined with innovative, patented, scheduling algorithms ensures the shortest production cycle possible in the machine.

The experience gained in building mastering systems for first and second generation optical formats, combined with a newly designed Laser Beam Recorder and Sputtering Unit incorporating the SINGULUS Smart Cathode® technology has resulted in a reliable machine for in-line mastering of the Blu-ray Disc format.

With its worldwide sales and service network, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is able to provide exceptional support together with technological synergies to benefit our customers.

The mastering process of the CRYSTALLINE machine is based on the proprietary Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) technology. The PTM recording process enhanced with customized waveshaping allows the creation of the desired pit geometries after development and the subsequent galvanic step. Waveshaping is an integral part of the system and is strongly linked to the 405 nm solid state laser. The encoder is used to encode the data for Blu-ray Disc, with the required protections such as AACS and ROMMark.

It is also used to generate the signal for graphic bands on the disc. A novel and intuitive user interface gives immediate status overview on the machine also accessible remotely, and the orders being processed. Data generated by each station, which is linked to the order by DiscTag, can be viewed at the machine in the form of reports, or be made available for further analysis as exported XML files.

XML is also the structuring language that describes each individual station and recipes, covering all process steps, used for creating the master.


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