Metallizer for Single Substrates

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is one of the few companies in the world with a core competence in vacuum thin film deposition. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has delivered more than 5000 metallizers for single substrates to customers around the world. The metallizer serves for all major areas of optical disc replication, such as CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

Continuous improvements have been made to the metallizers since their introduction to the market in 1995 and they are more compact and faster than ever. The range of SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES metallizers today is able to address all major applications.  SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES metallizer features an even more compact size and user-friendly operation than previous models. With high yields and high reliability, the system continues the SINGULUS metallizer legacy.


  • Performs all optical disc coating applications, based on a modular system configuration
  • Smallest machine on the market, with a 0.4 sq m footprint
  • A width of 480 mm permits the unit to be integrated easy int0 production line
  • All mechanical and electrical components are contained within a common cabinet
  • Layer thickness measuring device is available as an option

The SINGULUS V is equipped with an advanced drive technology, featuring servo drives only for disc handling and transport. The controls have been further reduced in size and are an integrated part of the machine. Touch screen user interface facilitates easy operation of the unit and, coupled with the PC, controls all components including the layer thickness measuring device and all sputter processes.

The metalli­zers are equipped with the unique and patented SMART CATHODE and a process control system for the deposition of various target materials, such as aluminum, silver, gold or silicon, with high uniformity.

In addition to the permanent magnetic field a variable magnetic field created by electromagnets is superimposed. Electrically powered coils are located at the rear of the target.


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