Main Characteristics LINEX

Typical Performance Characteristics

  • Inline from R & D tool to the fully integrated 10 lane system
  • Alkaline process up to 90 °C possible in 5 or 10 lane systems
  • Polish etch up to 10 μm
  • Integration of ozone
  • Uniform media  ow on wafer surface
  • Consistent  ow conditions from lane to lane
  • Easy integration of new or additional process options
  • High uptime up to 98 %
  • High throughput and best performance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low breakage rate down to 0.01 %
  • Best footprint
  • SSE application up to 5 μm

Controlled – Precise – Intelligent

  • Fully automated inline wet process equipment with integrated process control
  • Compact process modules with innovative media and process management
  • Simple and robust wafer transport system
  • Shadow-free contact of the wafer top surface with the process media
  • Wafer tracking and wafer thickness measurement

Safe – Clean – User Friendly

  • Safe for operators, environment and for reliable processing
  • Cleanroom compatible design according to ISO and SEMI standards
  • Gentle wafer transport through the process media
  • Excellent accessibility of the process modules from all sides

LINEX Process Applications

Final Clean (Mono & Multi):
Wafer cleaning after separation, with ultrasonic & additives

Alkaline Texture (Mono):
Top side etch with KOH and additives

Acidic Etching (Multi):
Saw damage removal and surface treatment

Single Side Etching (Mono & Multi):
Acidic rear side etching

Single Side Polish (Mono & Multi):
Acidic rear side polishing up to 5 μm

Advanced cleaning process


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