Corporate Governance Statement 2005

The Managing Board, Supervisory Board and executives at SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES endorse the principles of corporate transparency, accountability and control which serve to preserve and strengthen the confidence of shareholders, employees, business partners and the public in general.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG – Declaration in Accordance with § 161 AktG
The company complied with the German Code of Corporate Governance recommendations issued by the German Federal Ministry of Justice on May 21, 2003 (“Code") during fiscal 2003 and will continue to do so during the current fiscal year. Exceptions are as follows:
  1. In lieu of a deductible for its directors’ and officers’ liability insurance (“D&O insurance“), the company and the members of its governing bodies agreed that members’ respective insurance premiums for D&O insurance will be borne by the individuals involved (Code Fig. 3.8, Par. 2).
  2. In lieu of a statutory provision, the company’s Supervisory Board bylaws stipulate that the retirement age for Management Board members will be considered during succession planning (Code, Fig. 5.1.2, Par. 2).
  3. Caucuses have not been, and will not be, formed as long as the Supervisory Board consists of just three members (Code, Fig. 5.3.1 and 5.3.2).
  4. In lieu of a statutory provision, the Supervisory Board bylaws stipulate that the retirement age for Supervisory Board members will be considered when exercising nominating rights for new elections (Code, Fig. 5.4.1).
Kahl, February 2005

Alexander von EngelhardtWilliam SleeThomas Geitner
Roland LacherStefan A. BausterKlaus Hammen

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