Wet Chemical & Vacuum Deposition for Medical Technology

GMP & FDA Compliance

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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops and supplies machines and systems for efficient and resource-saving production processes, which are used worldwide in the medical technology, solar, semiconductor, consumer goods and optical disc sectors. The company’s core competencies include various processes of coating technology, surface treatment, wet-chemical and thermal production processes. For medical technology SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers innovative wet chemical and vacuum deposition process solutions.

Wet Processing Systems

Batch & Inline Systems as well as Customized Solutions

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES presents with the MEDLINE platform, a modular system for wet chemical applications adaptable for different process applications. Eye lenses and dental implants are only two samples for the application. The spectrum ranges from manually loaded wet chemical tools for research and development applications to fully automated platforms for high volume mass production in demanding technologies. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has geared its processes to the sophisticated characteristics and functionality expected in medical technology and therefore to the quality of the products and the production and processing methods required. With its process and machine technology SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a reliable partner for international customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

The MEDLINE system family offers high flexibility and customized solutions. The systems are available as inline as well as batch versions according to customer requirements. The modular design provides flexibility for both manual and fully automated operation. The systems can be easily integrated in every production process.

Flat substrates in large dimensions can be processed but also 3-dimensional and thin parts are typical or high volume production equipment as well as customized tools for special applications.

Typical Examples for Wet Chemical Applications:

  • Washing, cleaning and pre-cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Ultra- or mega-sonic cleaning
  • Surface conditioning
  • Coating, etching
  • Surface modification
  • Electrochemical etching





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