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Developer and Supplier for the PV Market

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is a supplier of manufacturing solutions for Optical Disc, Semiconductor and Solar. With new machine concepts and manufacturing processes in the crystalline and thin-film solar technology SINGULUS establishes itself as development partner and equipment supplier for investments in new high-performance solar cell concepts.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES continues to expand its activities in the solar segment. and cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develop processes, which improve the efficiency of solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs.

Highlights at the 27th EU PVSEC

Visit the SINGULUS Hall 3.0, Booth H18
>Up to 1 % improvement of cell performance with
   LINEA/SINGULAR rear passivation & laser

>Evaporator for paste-free metallization of next
  generation crystalline cells, e.g. IBC,

>LINEA II single-side polish etch

>Low-cost and high-efficient cleaning
   process for crystalline solar cells (SILEX
   upgrade with ozone)

>New equipment for selenization and
   thermal treatment of CIGS thin-film
   solar modules

>Inline thin-film solar sputtering equipment
   for cost-effective production of thin-film

>Evaporator for high performance thin-film

Presentations at the 27th EU PVSEC

27th EU PVSEC Conference
Monday, 24th: 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm, M. R. Huber,
M. Dörr, P. Wohlfart
Session Reference: 2AV.5 (poster presentation)
New Evaporation Technology for Rear Side Metallization of High Efficiency Solar Cells

Tuesday, 25th: 3:15 pm – 4:45 pm, T. Dullweber,
M. Siebert, B. Veith, C. Kranz, J. Schmidt,
R. Brendel, B. F. P. Roos, T. Dippell,
A. Schwabedissen, S. Peters
Session Reference: 2BO.7.4 (oral presentation)
High Efficiency Industrial Type PERC Solar Cells Applying ICP AlOx as Rear Passivation Layer

Wednesday, 26th: 8:30 pm - 10 pm , B. F. P. Roos, T. Dippell, O. Hohn, P. Wohlfart, B. Beier. M. Siebert, T. Dullweber
Session Reference: 2CV.5.17 (poster presentation)
ICP-PECVD Production Tools for Industrial AlOx and Si-Based Passivation Layers

Wednesday, 26th: 8:30 pm - 10 pm , R. Sáez-Araoz, J. Krammer, T. Köhler, M. Krüger,
S. Harndt, F. Hergert, T.P. Niesen, T. Lavrenko,
T. Walter, P. Wohlfart, J. Richter, M.C. Lux-Steiner, C.-H. Fischer
Session Reference: 3CV.1.4 (poster presentation)
High Efficiency Cells and Modules with ILGAR® In2S3 Buffer Layers

PV Production Forum at 27th EU PVSEC
Wednesday, 26th: 1:40 pm – 2 pm, Room Europa, Hall 4
Dr. Peter Wohlfart
New Production Technology for CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells

Wednesday, 26th 2:40 pm - 3 pm
Room Europa, Hall 4
As Guest: Professor V. Alberts, Photovoltaic Technology Intellectual Property (Pty) Ltd, South Africa: Commercial Production of CIGSSe by In-Line Selenization/Sulfurization of Metallic Alloys

27th EU PVSEC Industry Presentations
Thursday, 27th, 1:45 pm, Hall 3.1
Dr. Wolfram Maass: New Production Methods for high performance crystalline and thin film solar cells

Mastering – Molding – Replication

SINGULUS is the only supplier of integrated production lines for CD, DVD and Blu-ray.
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is the only supplier worldwide of integrated production lines for the manufacturing of optical disc formats CD/DVD/Blu-ray. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES focuses on the production equipment for the manufacturing of Blu-ray Discs in the segment Optical Disc. For Blu-ray Discs with 50 GB storage capacity SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers modularly set-up production machines BLULINE II. In addition, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops, produces and markets manufacturing equipment for rewriteable Blu-ray Discs (BD-R/RE) under the brand name BLULINE BD-R/RE. For the CD and DVD formats SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES provides the production lines for CDs – SKYLINE- and DVDs – SPACELINE.

Blu-ray disc – growing worldwide

The reported market figures confirm SINGULUS’ decision. On the occasion of the IFA the GfK reported that the volume sales of Blu-ray players in Germany increased by 25 percent compared with the previous year. On August 30, 2012 the market research company Screen Digest released that Germany has grown into the biggest market for 3D Blu-ray discs. Although the UK remains the largest overall market for physical media, it is expected that German consumers will buy 1.37 million new 3D Blu-ray discs and therefore trump the UK market. Due to the favorable development SINGULUS continues to see good market opportunities for Blu-ray machines. Together with the sales contributions from the service activities SINGULUS will generate good earnings contributions from this segment in the next couple of years.

Advanced Thin-film Deposition Equipment

Machines and processes for nano-coating of MRAM wafers and thin-film read/write heads
SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops advanced machine and process technology for the nano-coating of MRAM wafers and thin-film read/write heads as well as for semiconductor applications.

MRAM is a non-volatile magnetic storage technology with high write and read speed. In contrast to traditional storage technologies such as DRAM or SRAM, information on MRAM chips is not stored with electrically but with magnetically charged particles. This means that the MRAM storage technology utilizes the characteristics of specific materials to change their electric resistance under the influence of magnetic fields.

For tablet PCs, mobile phones and other mobile data devices MRAM is a technologic revolution and is regarded as the memory technology of the future. Modern sensor technology could also be an application: For example with the TIMARIS coating system key parts of chip laboratories can be manufactured, which include the entire functionality of a macroscopic laboratory on a plastic substrate only the size of a plastic card. An additional application is the use of highly specialized sensors in the automotive industry.

In the first half year 2012 SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES already received several orders for TIMARIS systems with different configurations.

Save the Date: SINGULUS Cocktail Party at the 27th EU PVSEC

Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 September 2012, 4 pm | Hall 3.0, Booth H18

We invite you to delicous cocktails and refreshing drinks with our PV experts. Discuss the prospects of our new machine concepts and manufacturing processes for thin-film and crystalline silicon solar technology while enjoying a cool beverage - the perfect ending of a succesful show day at the EU PVSEC!
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