Invitation to SNEC PV POWER EXPO 2017,
April 19–21, 2017 in Shanghai, Booth E3-006

Only two weeks to go! Have a closer look at SNEC 2017 on Innovative Production Equipment for CIGS thin-film Solar as well as Heterojunction and PERC/PERT cells.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES cooperates with cell manufacturers worldwide and develops equipment and processes, which improve the efficiency of solar cells and at the same time reduce production costs for CIGS applications as well as cell concepts like heterojunction cells, bifacial PV systems, n-type material, PERC (PERL/PERT) or IBC.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES' expertise includes vacuum thin-film coating (Sputtering, PECVD, Evaporation), surface engineering, wet-chemical processes and thermal processing (RTP systems).
With new machine concepts and manufacturing processes in the crystalline and thin-film solar technology, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES is established as a partner
for new solutions:
GENERIS PVD – Inline Sputter System for Heterojunction Cells

With the GENERIS PVD sputtering system, contact layers can be deposited on the front and rear of the wafers without the need to turn the wafers between coating processes and without vacuum interruption. Annealing of sputtered layers is integrated optionally. Also full area metal coatings, e.g. Ag can be deposited within the same system. By using rotable sputtering magnetrons, highest target utilization is achieved which offers lowest production costs.
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SILEX II – Wet Process Equipment for Cleaning, Etching and Polishing

Modular, automated batch wet processing system with a wide range of process options.

The SILEX II system with an upscaled batch size offers a tool capacity of up to 6,000 wph, running with very low scrap rates down to 0.01 % and a high process yield. In addition to proven processes, the focus is also on new applications such as polish etching, emitter etching and ozone-based treatments.

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LINEX – Inline Wet Process Equipment

LINEX is an inline wet processing platform with horizontal substrate transport for solar wafers. The LINEX system combines an advanced transportation system and sustainable as well as innovative processing modules with proven and efficient chemical treatment.

The focus is also on new applications such as polish etching, emitter etching and ozone-based treatments.

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With our production equipment for CIS/CIGS & CdTe solar cells we are a market leader.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES' expertise includes vacuum thin-film coating, e.g. sputtering & evaporation, surface engineering, wet-chemical processes and thermal processing.
Range of Products for CIS/CIGS & CdTe Production:
VISTARIS – Inline Sputtering System
with vertical glass transport
SELENIUS - Inline Evaporation System
with horizontal glass transport
CISARIS – Selenization/Sulphurization
with high end rapid thermal processing
for an optimized CIGS absorber formation
TENUIS II – Wet Process Equipment
for economic processing of CdS/alternative buffer layers
VITRUM – Wet Process Equipment
for cleaning of glass surfaces
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Join our SINGULUS Bavarian Beer Party at SNEC 2017, on Thursday,
April 20, 2017 from 3.00 pm.
Enjoy a fresh beer and typical Bavarian food at our
booth while talking to our PV experts. We invite you
to discuss the perspectives of our machine concepts
while enjoying the German atmosphere!
We are pleased to welcome you at our booth
E3-006 at SNEC 2017 and look forward to talking
with you soon.

With best regards,

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