Wet Process Systems for Semiconductor Applications

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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops innovative technologies for efficient production processes. New production technology combined with sustainable processes and the use of novel materials can decouple the use of resources from economic growth in the long-term.

The SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES product range starts with manual wet stations for R&D, semiautomated systems and up to fully automated tools for the chemical surface treatment like cleaning, etching and drying. They are able to handle all wet processes in the front-end and back-end production area.

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES also offers new process solution for the cleaning of metal-ceramic components. Metal-ceramic substrates made of silicon nitride have excellent thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties. The corresponding components are increasingly being used in high-performance electronics for the field of electromobility (hybrid and electric vehicles).


  • Up to 200 mm applications (double batch)
  • High uptime
  • Advanced process control
  • Compact footprint – integrated switch boxes
  • Upgradable by common and customized options
  • Tier-1 components (Iwaki, GF, GEMÜ, SMC, Festo, Siemens)
  • Platform executed for international industrial standards (CE, OSHA, UL)
  • Complies with: FM 4910, SEMI S2 and S8, SECS (if requested)
  • Third-party certification and US field labeling available
  • Fast installation and start-up according by modular design

Range of products

  • Manual wet process stations
  • Semi- and fully automated wet process stations
  • Quartztube- and part-cleaning stations
  • Total metal free working stations
  • Special customer specified units
  • Chemical supply systems (pump or pressure systems)




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