Fully Automated Inline Refinement of 3-Dimensional Plastic Substrates

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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has built over 5000 metallizers. The SINGULUS 3DS Sputtering System for industrial coating of 3-dimensional plastic parts is an integrated system capable of coating both sides of the material simultaneously. Major application fields include high-end coating in the cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer electronic, consumer goods, giveaways and automotive industries. Reflective and coloration layers are the key application ranges of this system, which is fully automatic.

The SINGULUS 3DS Metallizer features compact size and user-friendly operation. It is specially designed for easy and fast integration into any production workflow. With high yield and high reliability, the system continues the SINGULUS metallizer legacy.

The advantages of sputtering technology over conventional coating technologies are numerous. Compared to technologies such as galvanic or thermal evaporation, sputtering results in higher quality and cost saving. In comparison to electroplating, the SINGULUS 3DS completely forgoes the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, providing a clean production alternative for decorative surface finishing, as well as eliminating high operating and waste disposal costs. The unique SINGULUS 3DS sputter technology can be used to apply all conductive and high melt-point materials. Hence, the selection of surface properties, colors and hues available to users is much greater on a SINGULUS 3DS than on an evaporation system. Sputter technology enables a fully automated inline production with single substrate or single substrate lot processing offering an enormous reduction in manufacturing and logistics costs. This process will provide operators access to entirely new fields of application and allows them greater flexibility when responding to the requirements and wishes of a diverse customer base.


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