Smart Solutions for High Tech Infrastructure

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SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES – Innovations for New Technologies

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES develops technologies for economical and resource-efficient production processes. The core competencies are vacuum thin-film technologies, wet-chemical processes, surface technologies and thermal processing technologies. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES taps new work areas with these competencies and develops innovative solutions. <br/><br/> For all processes and applications, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES uses its know-how to continually improve both automation and process technologies as well as the integration of production steps and cultivates methods to transfer these solutions to additional areas of application

Smart Solutions for High Tech Infrastructure

The requirements to modern high end and highly productive production lines can only be fulfilled, when the utilities correspond to the site requirements. To ensure this, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES designs, builds and offers production related utility equipment and services for advanced technology facilities such as

  • Energy/photovoltaics,
  • Life sciences,
  • Medical & chemical,
  • Semiconductor as well as
  • Surface engineering.

In all of these applications we can offer our customers high quality EPC solutions (engineering, procurement and construction) considering not only the quality and quantity of the consumables and utilities but also respecting all human and environmental safety aspects following the international and local regulations.

Consulting and Planning

  • Site evaluation & selection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site master planning
  • Programming and concept design studies
  • General studies & simulations
  • Process technology and equipment evaluation
  • Sustainability analyses and energy efficiency audits
  • Costs and schedule models
  • CoO calculations

Design and Engineering

  • Basic, preliminary and detailed design in all engineering disciplines
  • Facility system integration
  • Space management
  • Building information modeling
  • Permits, code & environmental compliance
  • Value engineering & cost optimization
  • Early package development
  • Support getting licenses
  • Engineering, construction and general contracting (EPCM & EPC)

(Pre) Construction and Project Management

  • Commercial management
  • Design management
  • Space management
  • Construction management
  • Contractor supervision
  • Start-up & commissioning
  • As-built documentation
  • Warranty management
  • Engineering, construction and general contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Installation, Services, Maintenance

  • Process equipment services
  • Sustaining infrastructural services
  • Facility system optimization & benchmarking
  • Work package installations
  • Technical staffing
  • Engineering, construction and general contracting (EPCM & EPC)

Smart Solutions for High Tech Infrastructure

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers all the services necessary to build a reliable production facility. This service includes the planning and technical design of the production building, all supplies and additional equipment. Depending on the planned manufacturing capacity, the technical plans including the investment needs are created. <br/><br/> Our staff is highly trained on an on-going basis with the focus on safety, technical expertise and quality to ensure a consistently high standard. SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has been certified by the IQNet and DQS according to the ISO 9001:2008 norm. We are working on a high quality management level to assure best practice solutions for our customers.


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